In Spring 2016, I moved to Seattle from San Francisco. While the decision was easy to make, actually moving here proved to be a little tougher. I had lived my entire life in San Francisco and moved to Seattle to live with my then fiancé and now husband. We were both tired of doing the long distance thing and wanted to actually live together before we got married!

I said goodbye to the gold foil polka dots in my girly, vintage inspired apartment I called home for the last eight years and headed to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My husband expertly packed the car and we were even able to squeeze in two of my favorite plant babies. The next morning we drove the 14 hours from San Francisco to Seattle.

As I got acclimated to an entirely new city, I did a little bit of soul searching and I came to the realization that there was no time better than the present to start my own business. In San Francisco, I always wanted to be one of the people who worked for themselves, making their own hours and picking the projects they worked on. I knew there was no time better than the present to start a business. From this, Steph Moon + Co was born.

In my former life in San Francisco, I did Marketing and Publicity for Children’s and Lifestyle products for over 10 years. You might be asking, what exactly does that mean? Well…a lot to be honest. I always worked on small teams so was given the opportunity to do a lot even when I was just beginning my career. Getting to do so much in a short time forced me to grow and learn so much (and so fast!). From going to press-checks for our print catalog to organizing the company presence and booth at large trade shows to working on merchandising options with retail accounts to planning in-store events to teaching clients how to self-promote to planning influencers events, I feel like I’ve gotten to do so much.

With Steph Moon + Co, I want to help you grow your business in ways that make sense for both you and your business. Marketing doesn’t have to overwhelm you or your customers. I’m here to help you figure out what specific and tangible things you can do to reach more of your customers. Drop me a line to let me know what you want to learn most about!